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Master Nozzle Reviews

by Barry Boquet on 03/05/12

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased a Master Water Nozzle.Please leave reviews to help us get the nozzle promoted.We want your honest opinions good or bad .

Comments (18)

1. joel Braus said on 3/6/12 - 02:24AM
This is the REAL DEAL, it exceeded all expectations!
2. Dan Heasley said on 3/26/12 - 03:44PM
This is the best nozzle I've ever seen it will shoot the water farther than any other nozzle and with pressure!!!....Try it you will fall in love with it, i'm gonna have too get another one too use at work!!!
3. Lance Duet said on 3/27/12 - 05:42AM
I purchased this nozzle as a gift for my father. He absolutely loves it. He uses the nozzle for everything from watering his plants with a mist spray to using a hard stream to clean off his porch and concrete. Seems to be a great, durable, and well made product.
4. Ryan Henderson said on 3/28/12 - 03:39AM
This is A revolutionary product that exceeded my expectations. I showed my Father and he was amazed and is going to order one!
5. Mark Duhe' said on 3/29/12 - 01:41AM
Great nozzle , worth every penny , best water nozzle I have ever used.
6. Brenda said on 4/3/12 - 05:25AM
Best nozzle I have ever used. A very well made tool. Worth every penny!!
7. RONNIE MARCEL said on 4/5/12 - 01:17AM
8. Jude Dupre said on 4/13/12 - 06:39PM
Great product ! Grass clippings and dirt don't stand a chance. Plenty of power through this nozzle, also it is extremely well built !!
9. jeepcoma said on 4/22/12 - 05:17AM
If Chuck Norris ever needed to water anything, he would use this nozzle. From the instant the package arrives, you can tell this is no ordinary garden nozzle, as it weighs about five pounds. The knurling is top notch and construction is excellent on the inside with easy to replace o-rings should the need arise. The physical size matches the power: immense. Seriously, at full blast it's too strong for normal "garden" uses, but excellent for "industrial" uses. Turn down the flow at the faucet and you're set for the garden. Well worth the money; this will last forever. The only con is that it's very heavy. You don't want to drop it on the ground, for fear of breaking the ground. The only improvement I'd suggest in the design is some kind of safety catch, that when water is flowing prevents you from removing the end of the nozzle. I recommend adding a flow control to the end of the hose if you'll be using it for both watering and cleaning. Read more review at
10. Gary---Qwik Roof cleaners Louisville Kentucky said on 5/16/12 - 09:59AM
Was curious about the lifetime warranty so I called Barry. I explained that I was going to spray roof cleaning solution thru it and wanted to know if the warranty was still good. After a brief discussion Barry agreed to stand behind his product under this type use. I ordered and received my nozzle and used it for the first time Monday. The first time I opened it up I was truly shocked by its performance. My old nozzles, which lasted about a week, would shoot 58' wide open. This nozzle tops out around 70' with my system. The half turn from closed to open is a nice feature when you are cleaning roofs all day long. VERY pleased with this product and recommend it to anybody that does my type of work. Really says something about being made in the USA.
11. Steve Brown said on 8/6/13 - 10:37AM
this is by far the best nozzle I have ever used....which say something because I am a fireman, and have used this stuff for about 30
12. Mark in VA said on 11/14/13 - 04:51PM
Such a drastic departure from anything you can find anywhere at hardware or big-box stores. I absolutely respect the American-made precision of this thing--it's beautiful. I thought I may object to some of the writing on it, the standard writing on them, but it isn't too bad. I'd still prefer one with no writing on it, as I see advertising/".coms" on everything these days, but I get that the maker wants his mark on his stuff. GREAT product. I'll be ordering more--it really did exceed my expectations.
13. CHAD WALKER said on 11/18/13 - 06:03AM
Good morning bro barry, Wanted to share with you a testimony about my master nozzle. In the past I've used a gas powered pressure washer to wash our citrus, but this nozzle works even better b/c it is strong enough to clean, but does not blow the fruit all around!! I love it!!
14. Casey said on 11/11/14 - 12:17PM
Just received my Master Nozzle. This thing is a work or art. It has a heft to it that speaks quality and built like a tank. Works beautifully. Only used it a couple of time so far. The rest of the time is sits on my desk so I can admire the craftsmanship. It really does look like it will last for generations.
15. Mark Ledet said on 6/9/15 - 08:46PM
These nozzles are by far the best made and best performing nozzles ever made. I own three of them for almost 2 years and the work just like the day I bought them just amazing. Worth every penny.
16. Glen Jordan said on 7/28/15 - 07:04PM
They should name this the Master Blaster. It works great! It blasts the dirt off my dirt bike after a muddy ride. The adjustable spray works well for many uses. I've owned it over 2 years. This is very high quality and it looks like it will last a lifetime. I don't mind paying more for quality, durabiility and performance. They make wonderful gifts.
17. Timmy Fanguy said on 4/2/16 - 05:08PM
I order two nozzles, one for a friend that has beagle kennels and one for myself. I used mine today. I was extremely pleased and impressed. I used an auger on my tractor and tried to wash the mud off of it with my old nozzle, with no success. I put the Master Nozzle on my 3/4 hose and it blew the caked up mud right off. I was super impressed not only with the exceptional function but with the quality. My friend with the kennel came over, and I asked him how it works and he said that it blew the dog poop off the concrete slabs better than any nozzle he has ever used. He also liked the personalized imprint of his kennel name on it. I'm sold on it. Keep up the great work.
18. Bmack said on 12/29/17 - 04:29PM
I bought a fitting that lets me use it as a showerhead. House water pressure only 40 psi, but now I have plenty of pressure for showering. With a slight twist of the wrist, the water can be turned off while lathering, etc. And, it matches the other stainless steel bathroom fixtures.

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